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I always enjoy knitting The Fox Mittens! It feels like it´s growing quickly because of the stripes. And when I get to the most challenging part, which is also the most exciting part – the fox itself. It´s easier every time you do it, and you will for sure find your “tricks” to make it work for you. Just remember to twirl the threads for every 5 stitch where you don´t have the pattern with the fox. And then, when you´re done and can sew the nose and eyes on – you have a very happy little fox 🙂

And if you are not a knitter, or simply don´t have time! You can always let me knit them for you!

Dec 11

Efter att man har njutit av innehållet, kan tomma vinlådor istället bli fina julklappslådor! Papper, lim, sax och tejp..